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Bunk Bed with stairs: Stairs Instead of Ladders

Bunk beds are two decks of beds. It is space friendly and it is usually kids favorite play area especially before going to sleep. The common way to get to the top deck is by ladder, which is not entirely safe especially when you are not there watching over them. Just like all things, furniture is also evolving. They upgrade their products to be more and more safe and durable in order to last longer than it is supposed to be.

It is best to choose stairs instead of ladders for bunk beds to ensure the safety of your kids. And for them to have more enjoyable play time. It is a bit more expensive when you buy bunk bed with stairs

, but it is best to invest a little more money for the safety of your family.

Here are some benefits of the stairs for bunk beds:

l  Safe


  It is safe because you will no longer worry if your kids can climb up on their own. And the play time of your kids will be more fun.

l  Can provide storage under the stairs

  Who would not want a storage and a bunk bed all at once? You can stack up clothes in the drawers under the stairs. This utilizes much space than getting a separate cabinet.

But of course, bunk bed with stairs is a bit bigger than those with ladders. Because it the stairs is already attached and so as the drawers. It is best to know where you want to place your bunk bed. A little bit more space that can fit the two most important essentials of your room. This is the only thing you will worry when buying a bunk bed. Just be sure to double check the measurements of your room before buying the bunk bed. 

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